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Phase III

Each person will be assigned a Christian spiritual mentor as well as a Tradesman (or woman) for at least one year.  During this time, graduates will either start their own business or they will be assisted in finding a job in their trade.  In some cases, individuals will receive an interest free loan to help them start a business.  Then, they will be asked to donate 20% of their earnings, for one year, back to the ministry so that we may, by the grace of God, lift others from the cycle of poverty.  In effect, we will be asking the graduates to become, at least temporary, partners in the very program they benefited from.  Once that year of sowing back into the ministry is complete, the individual is free to do whatever they wish with their new career.  

Of note, many of the people of Cienfuegos are illiterate.  Therefore, many of our adult students will have to undergo additional training to learn how to read and write basic Spanish (the national language of the DR).


She recently graduated from Abbah's House Children Center (another program that Ruddy Rodriquez runs), which feeds and educates over 125 children every day.  Arilsa went on to join the first class of The Dominican Republic Christian Vocational Training Program and is now in Phase III.  Praise be to Jesus as Arilsa is now a manager at a restaurant.  She received a "hand-up" from the program and is pulling herself out of poverty by the grace of God and is now entering the middle class of the DR.

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