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Ongoing Bible Study by Wendy Luna

Revelation 3

To the church:

in Sardis

in Philadelphia

in Laodicea

Revelation 5

The lamb takes the scroll

the lamb exalted

Revelation 7

144,000 sealed

praise: great multitude

Revelation 9

fifth trumpet

sixth trumpet

Revelation 4

the throne in heaven

worship of the creator

Revelation 6

first seal: white horse

second seal: war

third seal: famine

fourth seal: death

fifth seal: the martyrs

sixth seal: terror

Revelation 12

the woman & Dragon

war in heaven

woman persecuted

Revelation 8

seventh seal: golden censer

first four trumpets

Revelation 10

the angel / small scroll

Revelation 11

two witnesses

witnesses killed & Raised

seventh trumpet

Revelation 13

Beast from the sea

beast from the earth

mark of the beast

Revelation 15

song of moses & the lamb

preparation for judgment

Revelation 17

the woman on the beast

mystery explained

victory of the lamb

Revelation 19

rejoicing in heaven

marriage of the lamb

rider on the white horse

defeat: beast & false prophet

Revelation 21

New heaven & new earth

new jerusalem

Revelation 14

the lamb & the 144,000

3 angels & babylon's fall

harvest of the earth

Revelation 16

first six bowls of wrath

seventh bowl of wrath

Revelation 18

babylon is fallen

lament over babylon

doom of babylon

Revelation 20

Satan bound

satan cast into the lake of fire

judgment: great white throne

Revelation 22

river of life

jesus is coming

nothing may be added

or removed

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