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Cornerstone Christian Center Beliefs
Don't conform to the world but be transformed by renewing your mind that you may know God's will, what is good, well pleasing, and perfect.  Rom 12:2

Tools for Studying the Bible

For concordances, commentaries, and more, check out

To learn more about the historical context of the Bible and events, visit the Biblical Archaeology Society at

Encouragement for Believers

The Gospel Coalition is a fantastic resource of articles, sermons, Q&A, and events to encourage and educate believers across denominational lines. Find it at

Listen to sermons, talks and podcasts that will challenge and deepen your faith at, and

The Church and The World challenges believers in their Biblical calling to restore and renew societies for the glory of God. Covering everything from business to the arts to government, Q will confront, engage, question, and encourage you in the process of applying faith to every aspect of your life.

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