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"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us."
- A.W. Tozer

God made you

Whatever you may believe about yourself, God made you to live in relationship with Him. He didn't need you, but loved you into existence just as a parent loves a child into existence. Whether you know it or not, your ultimate joy and purpose lies in knowing and continually (re)discovering the wonder, nature, and character of God.

Genesis 2; 1John 4:10; Psalm 16:11

But we all have rebelled

We have all chosen our own way. We idolize ourselves, we spend our time chasing our own desires and worship ourselves.

Genesis 3; 1John 2:16

...we've also missed the mark

Not only did we rebel, putting ourselves up as the ultimate of our own universes, we also fell short. We fell short of the perfection a holy God requires.


We've lied, cheated, been bitter. We've sought our own gain at the expense of others. We've slandered others' reputations.


Even our own standards we fail to meet. We tell children to be kind and then gossip. We expect employees to be honest on their time sheets, but we stretch the numbers on our taxes.

Romans 3:10-23; Matthew 7:1-5


While we were in rebellion and failing to hold to even our own moral codes, God intervened. God became human, lived a perfect life, died innocently, and then came back to life. His life and death provided a substitute, a life-for-life trade. You could have His perfection and He would take your rebellion and failure.

1Peter 2:24; Isaiah 53

You can live with hope

Do you still want to keep on trying? Do you think you'll ever be good enough? Is living for yourself worth living - and dying - in isolation, restless and unsatisfied? Or will you turn, and receive the greatest gift you've ever been offered?

Will you choose Jesus?

1John 1:9; Romans 10:9

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